Donations List Website is a minimalistic website with a razor-like focus on understanding donations, donors, donees, and the thoughts and discussions that go alongside donation decisions. The site is slated for official launch in December 2019, and is currently very much in beta.

Table of contents

Behind the curtain

The code and data entry for the Donations List Website has been done by Vipul Naik and Issa Rice. Vipul Naik takes primary responsibility for the content. Vipul hosts both the domain and the GitHub repository of the content, at vipulnaik/donations.

Issa's contributions to the code can be seen by looking at his commit history. To see a list of his payments for this work, go to the contract work page listing all financially compensated tasks for the Donations List Website. With the exception of one task commissioned by Peter Hurford, all other work on the site was paid for by Vipul Naik.

How we built data

Data for the site has come from a mix of publicly available data and data shared with permission. The data entry methods include:

The data entry method is usually described in the donor information section on the page about the donor; if nothing is mentioned, you can assume that it is completely manual entry. The donor information section also includes a link to the donor's own donation log (if available) as well as information on the frequency and lag of updates.

Reliability concerns

Data may be unreliable in the following ways:

If you notice any errors in the data on our side, please email with information about what's wrong, and publicly citable references (if any) for the correct version of the information. You can do this both if you are the donor/donee or if you are a third party, though if you are a third party then presenting citable references is more important.

If you are a donor who made some donation information public but have now retracted that information from the public sphere, and want the Donations List Website to also remove the information, again please email Requests from individual donors and couples will generally be honored if the data we are being asked to remove is not otherwise publicly available; requests from institutions (private foundations or their subsidiary grantmaking bodies) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any other concerns around reliability, completeness, accuracy, privacy, or usability of data, please email to share your concerns. All your feedback will be considered before we officially launch the site.

Playing with the data

A tutorial for the data is available in the README on GitHub. The tutorial was also posted, along with a request for feedback, to the Effective Altruism Forum.

Pageview data for this site is available at monthly granularity at