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This is an online portal with information on donations that were announced publicly (or have been shared with permission) that were of interest to Vipul Naik. The git repository with the code for this portal, as well as all the underlying data, is available on GitHub. All payment amounts are in current United States dollars (USD). The repository of donations is being seeded with an initial collation by Issa Rice as well as continued contributions from him (see his commits and the contract work page listing all financially compensated contributions to the site) but all responsibility for errors and inaccuracies belongs to Vipul Naik. Current data is preliminary and has not been completely vetted and normalized; if sharing a link to this site or any page on this site, please include the caveat that the data is preliminary (if you want to share without including caveats, please check with Vipul Naik). We expect to have completed the first round of development by the end of March 2022. See the about page for more details. Also of interest: pageview data on, tutorial in README, request for feedback to EA Forum.

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Basic donee information

We do not have any donee information for the donee Investigative Reporters and Editors in our system.

Donee donation statistics

Cause areaCountMedianMeanMinimum10th percentile 20th percentile 30th percentile 40th percentile 50th percentile 60th percentile 70th percentile 80th percentile 90th percentile Maximum
Overall 11 250,000 326,705 25,000 75,000 80,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 250,000 320,000 390,000 449,750 1,404,000
Technology, Journalism 1 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000
Journalism 6 250,000 419,833 75,000 75,000 80,000 80,000 250,000 250,000 320,000 390,000 390,000 1,404,000 1,404,000
Technology 4 200,000 262,438 150,000 150,000 150,000 200,000 200,000 200,000 250,000 250,000 449,750 449,750 449,750

Donation amounts by donor and year for donee Investigative Reporters and Editors

Donor Total 2017 2016
Knight Foundation (filter this donee) 3,593,750.00 390,000.00 75,000.00
Total 3,593,750.00 390,000.00 75,000.00

Full list of donations in reverse chronological order (11 donations)

Graph of top 10 donors by amount, showing the timeframe of donations

Graph of donations and their timeframes
DonorAmount (current USD)Amount rank (out of 11)Donation dateCause areaURLInfluencerNotes
Knight Foundation390,000.0032017-11-29Journalism Grant period: 11/01/2017 - 11/01/2020; goal: To advance journalistic excellence by building a network of local television journalists committed to producing investigative and data-driven stories through regional workshops, national conference fellowships, data bootcamp training and the sharing of best practices.
Knight Foundation75,000.00102016-11-23Journalism Grant period: 11/15/2016 - 11/15/2017; goal: To support the exchange of best practices and to increase diversity among investigative journalists, data journalists and technologists during annual meetings of the Investigative Reporter & Editors association and the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting in 2017.
Knight Foundation150,000.008--Technology Grant period: 09/01/2011 - 11/30/2013; part of the challenge: Knight News Challenge; goal: To help news organizations better use public information by creating PANDA, new software that cleans up and aids in analyzing it. To help news organizations better use public information, the PANDA Project, in partnership with Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE), the Chicago Tribune and The Spokane Spokesman-Review, will build a set of open-source, web-based tools that make it easier for journalists to use and analyze data. While national news organizations often have the staff and know-how to handle federal data, smaller news organizations are at a disadvantage. City and state data are messier, and newsroom staff often lack the tools to use it. PANDA will work with tools like Google Refine to find relationships among data sets and improve data sets for use by others. PANDA will be simple to deploy, allowing newsrooms without software developers on staff to integrate it into their work.
Knight Foundation25,000.0011--Technology, Journalism Grant period: 05/01/2008 - 04/30/2009; goal: To increase interest in innovative investigative reporting models at a key Miami conference.
Knight Foundation200,000.007--Technology Grant period: 12/01/2012 - 11/30/2014; part of the challenge: Knight News Challenge; goal: To create a comprehensive, open database of election results in the United States Elections are fundamental to democracy, yet the ability to easily analyze the results are out of reach for most journalists and civic hackers. No freely available, comprehensive source of official election results exists. Open Elections will create the first, with a standardized, linked set of certified election results for U.S. federal and statewide offices. The database will allow the people who work with election data to be able to get what they need, whether that’s a CSV file for stories and data analysis or a JSON usable for Web applications and interactive graphics. The project also will allow for linking election data to other critical data sets. The hope is that one day, journalists and researchers will be able much more easily to analyze elections in ways that account for campaign spending, demographic changes and legislative track records.
Knight Foundation320,000.004--Journalism Grant period: 06/23/2011 - 06/22/2014; part of the challenge: Knight News Challenge; goal: To engage readers in discussing and crowdsourcing news by allowing them to add their own notes and comments to material collected and displayed by previous Challenge winner DocumentCloud. A 2009 Knight News Challenge winner, DocumentCloud helps journalists analyze, annotate and publish original source documents. Hundreds of newsrooms are already using the tool. With this grant, DocumentCloud will develop a new feature allowing newsrooms to invite public participation in annotating and commenting on source documents. The tool will help newsrooms involve their readers in the news and improve DocumentCloud as a journalistic tool and investigative reporting resource.
Knight Foundation449,750.002--Technology Grant period: 12/01/2012 - 07/31/2014; part of the challenge: Knight News Challenge; goal: To update and expand, a tool for journalists to easily find Census and other information about communities Despite the high value of Census data, the U.S. Census Bureau’s tools for exploring the data are difficult to use. A group of news developers built for the 2010 Census to help journalists more easily access Census data. Following early positive feedback, the team will expand and simplify the tool, and add new data sets including the annual American Community Survey, which informs decisions on how more than $400 billion in government funding is distributed.
Knight Foundation250,000.005--Journalism Grant period: 12/01/2013 - 12/31/2016; goal: To support the Investigative Reporters and Editors and Computer Assisted Reporting conferences and provide scholarships to selected Knight grantees and students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to attend those events.
Knight Foundation1,404,000.001--Journalism Grant period: 07/01/2014 - 07/31/2016; goal: To improve the popular, open source journalism tool DocumentCloud and make it sustainable to encourage investigative journalism and the exchange of public information.
Knight Foundation250,000.005--Technology Grant period: 07/22/2015 - 08/16/2016; part of the challenge: Knight News Challenge; goal: Making it easier to track money in California politics with an open-source tool that will help journalists, academics and others mine campaign finance data. Campaign finance data in statehouses across America is hard to organize, access and understand. Making it easier to find and use this raw, machine-readable data can help to hold politicians accountable and enable deeper analysis of the influence of money in politics. The California Civic Data Coalition will engage data journalists from The Los Angeles Times, Stanford University, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Center for Investigative Reporting to lead an open-source effort to refine this raw data into an easy-to-use product. The work will serve as a model for other states and join an ongoing effort to consolidate money-in-politics data from statehouses across America.
Knight Foundation80,000.009--Journalism Grant period: 10/01/2013 - 01/31/2014; goal: To convene super-users and brainstorm how to improve DocumentCloud and make it profitable.