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Title (URL linked)Publication dateAuthorPublisherAffected donorsAffected doneesDocument scopeCause areaNotes
Answering some questions about EA (GW, IR)2019-09-12Jeff Kaufman Effective Altruism ForumJeff Kaufman and Julia Wise Against Malaria Foundation Miscellaneous commentaryGlobal health/malariaJeff Kaufman posts to the Effective Altruism Forum his replies to questions sent by students in a Social Issues class in Vienna. In the replies, he explains his history of donating, why he and his wife donate internationally, and whether tthey have any regrets about the amount that they have donated over the years
Superintelligence Risk Project: Conclusion2017-09-15Jeff Kaufman Machine Intelligence Research Institute Review of current state of cause areaAI safetyThis is the concluding post (with links to all earlier posts) of a month-long investigation by Jeff Kaufman into AI risk. Kaufman investigates by reading the work of, and talking with, both people who work in AI risk reduction and people who work on machine learning and AI in industry and academia, but are not directly involved with safety. His conclusion is that there likely should continue to be some work on AI risk reduction, and this should be respected by people working on AI. He is not confident about how the current level and type of work on AI risk compares with the optimal level and type of such work
Listen: Software Engineer Jeff Kaufman '08 on Effective Altruism2017-04-28Jeff Kaufman Swarthmore CollegeJeff Kaufman and Julia Wise GiveWell top charities Against Malaria Foundation Miscellaneous commentaryGlobal healthIn this talk with transcript, Jeff Kaufman, an alumnus of Swarthmore College, describes the "earning to give" practiced by him and his wife Julia Wise, as well as their membership in the effective altruism community. Kaufman also talks about his transition from Google to Wave, in order to have a direct impact in the mobile money space
The Privilege of Earning To Give2015-01-14Jeff Kaufman Jeff Kaufman and Julia Wise Miscellaneous commentaryJeff Kaufman explains why he engages in earning to give. He writes: "If I look at my situation, my race, class, and gender privilege have been helpful, but my nationality privilege is by far my biggest unearned advantage. Someone at the poverty line in the US earns more than 90% of people in the world, even after adjusting for money going farther in poorer countries. [...] So I earn to give. I can't reject my privilege, I can't give it back, the best I can do is use it to give back.
How Much Should You Give?2011-08-09Jeff Kaufman Jeff Kaufman and Julia Wise Miscellaneous commentaryIn this post related to earning to give, Jeff Kaufman discusses what percentage of one's income one should donate to charity. He says that for general advocacy of a single percentage, 10% is probably best. At an individual level, he recommends: "do as much good as you can for the level of personal suffering you are willing to accept." He also discusses the practice of tithing (donating 10%) for Jews and Christians, and then discusses the distinction between actual income and potential income (how somebody with high earning potential might choose to take on a lower-paying but more pleasant job, thereby being obliged to donate less)

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