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Title (URL linked)Publication dateAuthorPublisherAffected donorsAffected doneesDocument scopeCause areaNotes
Behind a Big Bet by Top K-12 Philanthropists on a Different Way to Run Schools2018-08-09Caitlin Reilly Inside PhilanthropyLaura and John Arnold Foundation Hastings Fund The City Fund Third-party coverage of donor strategyEducationThe article describes the setting up of The City Fund, which is seeded with money from the Hastings Fund (a fund with the wealth of Netflix founder Reed Hastings) and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. The article discusses how the Arnold Foundation has expanded its US education philanthropy strategy beyond charter schools to charter-like public schools. It also discusses how the Arnold Foundation is reducing its focus on education, and how its education team is moving over to the City Fund. The possibility of the Arnold Foundation spinning off its education program entirely is also mooted. Neerav Kingsland, who worked with both donor foundations (CEO of Hastings Fund, Senior Education Fellow at Arnold Foundation) will lead the City Fund
Disrupting Bail: An Innovative Criminal Justice Reform Idea Gains Momentum—And Funders2018-05-22Philip Rojc Inside PhilanthropySandler Foundation Laura and John Arnold Foundation Heising-Simons Foundation Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Pershing Square Foundation Ford Foundation MacArthur Foundation Open Society Foundations Bail Project Bronx Freedom Fund Measures for Justice Civil Rights Corps Misdemeanor Justice Project JustLeadershipUSA Families Against Mandatory Minimums Review of current state of cause areaCriminal justice reform/bail reformThe article discusses the premise behind bail reform in the context of the United States criminal justice system: people temporarily put in prison often cannot get bail because they lack the funds needed to post as bond. By providing them these funds, they have to spend less time in local jails, and are also in a better position to get legal representation and turn down unfavorable plea deals
With the Backing of Top Funders, This Group is Taking the Criminal Justice System to Court2018-04-24Philip Rojc Inside PhilanthropyMacArthur Foundation Laura and John Arnold Foundation Open Philanthropy Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Civil Rights Corps Evaluator review of doneeCriminal justice reform/litigationThe article describes the efforts of Civil Rights Corps, an organization dedicated to challenging criminal justice abuses in court. It includes the Open Philanthropy Project and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative among its funders
Betting on a New Model for Schools: Inside Arnold's K-12 Grantmaking2017-05-30Paul Perry David Callahan Inside PhilanthropyLaura and John Arnold Foundation Third-party coverage of donor strategyEducationThe document describes the United States K-12 education philanthropy strategy of the Arnold Foundation, which it describe as "promoting a portfolio model of school governance." The model is "based on policies that promote a decentralized administration and more school choice for families as well as increased flexibility and accountability for leaders and educators." Empowering charter schools is part of the model, but improving existing public schools (to incorporate some arguably charter-like features) is another part. The article relies on conversations with Neerav Kingsland, a Senior Education Fellow at the Arnold Foundation
Daniel May: "Open Science: little room for more funding."2017-02-15Daniel May Oxford Prioritisation ProjectOxford Prioritisation Project Laura and John Arnold Foundation Open Philanthropy Review of current state of cause areaScientific researchThe summary states: "I consider open science as a cause area, by reviewing Open Phil’s published work, as well as some popular articles and research, and assessing the field for scale, neglectedness, and tractability. I conclude that the best giving opportunities will likely be filled by foundations such as LJAF and Open Phil, and recommend that the Oxford Prioritisation Project focusses elsewhere." Also available as a Google Doc at and at the Effective Altruism Forum at (10 comments)
Forget Washington. Criminal Justice Funders Have Big Plans at the Local Level2017-02-08Philip Rojc Inside PhilanthropyOpen Philanthropy Laura and John Arnold Foundation MacArthur Foundation Third-party coverage of donor strategyCriminal justice reformThe post compares the criminal justice reform strategies followed by, on the one hand, the Arnold and MacArthur Foundation (working on the inside with government agencies and power players), on the other hand, the Open Philanthropy Project (keeping the pressure for reform from the outside). It says that the two strategies are complementary, and taken together, improve the expected amount of reform.

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