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10,000.0012016-- Believing that culture was a key to Israel’s future, the Bronfman family joined Teddy Kollek’s efforts to establish a national museum in Jerusalem, and contributed the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Archaeology Wing of the Israel Museum in 1965. In that wing the best of Israel’s excavated archeology is presented, and reveals the narrative of the Land of Israel and the people of Israel from earliest times as recorded in archeological materials. When the Museum’s total renewal was planned, the renovation of the archeological wing was undertaken by Charles Bronfman as a most significant contribution to the entire project. The concept was to return to the beautiful design of Alfred Mansfield, the original architect of the Museum and of the wing. James Snyder, director of the Museum today and the guide of the renovation said of Mansfield’s work “With sculptural clarity, his free-floating concrete roof slabs, supported by single central columns in form-cast concrete-clad enclosures, and his clerestory windows emitting translucent light were intended to provide a cool backdrop for the display of the warm stone and clay archeology of the ancient land.” The renovation, completed in 2010, restored Mansfield’s work, reinforced by the most modern and excellent lighting and cases which allow a beautiful and dramatic presentation of thousands of pieces. These relate the narrative in a clear manner, equally accessible to visitors who come with little background and visitors with much background. From pre-historic periods, through the settlement of Canaan, the development of monotheism, the Northern and Southern kingdoms, the history of Jerusalem, Hellenism, the birth of Christianity and the influence of Islam—all appear in the seven galleries of the Wing from a universalistic perspective.