Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donations made to University of Bristol

This is an online portal with information on donations that were announced publicly (or have been shared with permission) that were of interest to Vipul Naik. The git repository with the code for this portal, as well as all the underlying data, is available on GitHub. All payment amounts are in current United States dollars (USD). The repository of donations is being seeded with an initial collation by Issa Rice as well as continued contributions from him (see his commits and the contract work page listing all financially compensated contributions to the site) but all responsibility for errors and inaccuracies belongs to Vipul Naik. Current data is preliminary and has not been completely vetted and normalized; if sharing a link to this site or any page on this site, please include the caveat that the data is preliminary (if you want to share without including caveats, please check with Vipul Naik). We expect to have completed the first round of development by the end of December 2019. See the about page for more details. Also of interest: pageview data on, tutorial in README, request for feedback to EA Forum.

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Basic donor information

Country United States
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Brief history: The Gates Foundation launched in 2000, with precursors starting in the 1990s, financed by the personal wealth of co-founder Bill Gates from Microsoft. Starting 2005, it scaled up its giving significantly after a large funding commitment from Warren Buffett

Brief notes on broad donor philosophy and major focus areas: See for the grantmaking areas. The four grantmaking areas are the Global Development Program, Global Health Program, Global Policy and Advocacy, and United States Program. Within the United States Program the focus is on K-12 education, the Internet, and emergency relief

Notes on grant publication logistics: Although the Gates Foundation has a grants database on its website, as well as individual grant pages for every grant, we use the IATI data instead, because it can be processed programmatically (the data on the site does not allow for full data download or easy programmatic processing). This leads to a few problems: first, IATI data does not include grants made in the United States, since it focuses on development assistance (DA) spending. Second, IATI data is updated more infrequently. Third, it may sometimes omit some information that is present in the grants database

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Basic donee information

Facebook page bristoluniversity
Twitter usernamebristoluni
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Org Watch page

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Donation amounts by cause area and year

If you hover over a cell for a given cause area and year, you will get a tooltip with the number of donees and the number of donations.

Note: Cause area classification used here may not match that used by donor for all cases.

Cause area Number of donations Total 2017 2007
Water (filter this donor) 1 13,162,521.00 0.00 13,162,521.00
Global health (filter this donor) 1 549,972.00 549,972.00 0.00
Family planning (filter this donor) 1 100,000.00 100,000.00 0.00
Total 3 13,812,493.00 649,972.00 13,162,521.00

Graph of spending by cause area and year (incremental, not cumulative)

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Graph of spending by cause area and year (cumulative)

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Full list of donations in reverse chronological order (3 donations)

Amount (current USD)Donation dateCause areaURLInfluencerNotes
549,972.002017-07-31Global health/infectious disease control to describe the transmission dynamics of SP colonization in 2 year old children who receive nasal influenza vaccines and their contacts; Aid type: Project-type interventions. Affected regions: Developing countries, unspecified.
100,000.002017-04-24Family planning to identify new, more effective family planning methods for Mozambique by collecting data on quantitative beliefs of women to measure the relative importance of factors such as fear of side effects that inhibit contraceptive use; Aid type: Project-type interventions. Affected regions: Developing countries, unspecified.
13,162,521.002007-10-25Water/basic drinking water supply to research and develop a user-friendly low-cost water quality test that can be used on-site in developing country field conditions; Aid type: Project-type interventions. Affected regions: Developing countries, unspecified|North of Sahara|South America|South & Central Asia|Far East Asia|Oceania|Europe|Asia|South of Sahara.