Patrick Brinich-Langlois donations made to Rethink Priorities

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Table of contents

Basic donor information

Country United States
Best overview URL
Facebook username pbrinichlanglois
LinkedIn username patbl
Donations URL
Twitter usernamenotnotpat
Effective Altruism Forum usernamePatrick
Effective Altruism Hub usernamepatrick-brinich-langlois
GitHub usernamepatbl
Regularity with which donor updates donations datacontinuous updates
Regularity with which Donations List Website updates donations data (after donor update)continuous updates
Lag with which donor updates donations datadays
Lag with which Donations List Website updates donations data (after donor update)months
Data entry method on Donations List WebsiteManual (no scripts used)

Brief history: Patrick Brinich-Langlois is a web programmer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has adopted the "earning to give" philosophy. He has been donating regularly since 2012 and a fairly large amount per year since 2014. His plan page says: "I will attempt to maximize the expected balance of happiness over suffering. I'll do this by becoming a software developer and donating much of my earnings to effective charities. [...] I'll focus my efforts on improving skills related to software development, especially web development. This will come at the expense of activities related to effective altruism, such as contributing to online discussions and working on volunteer projects, unless those would also improve my software-development skills."

Brief notes on broad donor philosophy and major focus areas: Patrick Brinich-Langlois has focused on a mix of animal welfare, long-term future charities, and growing the effective altruism movement. His interests in early years were a mix of animal welfare and effective altruism meta; starting in the latter half of 2017, his interests shifted from animal welfare to AI safety, other global catastrophic risks, and the long-term future. His interest in effective altruism (meta) has sustained

Notes on grant financing: Patrick Brinich-Langlois maintains his own personal donor-advised fund. On his donations list page he records three types of donations: donations from himself to his donor-advised fund, donations from himself to outsiders (charities or external funds), and donations from his donor-advised fund to others (charities or external funds). For the purposes of this website, we consider only the second and third type of donation. The total of such donations is also reported on his donations list page as "Total received by charities and external DAFs", and the numbers should match up if there is no backlog of data entry

Miscellaneous notes: Patrick Brinich-Langlois has articulated his giving philosophy as mostly utilitarian/consequentualist. In a Facebook comment he says "I don't have especially well-thought-out philosophical positions. Good is happiness less suffering, but I don't want to have to define those as well. Seems like a rabbit hole. Best to leave that to the experts." He is also the creator of (which earned him a LinkedIn recommendation from Ozzie Gooen) and has been vegetarian since 2001

Full donor page for donor Patrick Brinich-Langlois

Basic donee information

Country United States
Key peopleMarcus A. Davis|Peter Hurford
Launch date2018-03-02

Full donee page for donee Rethink Priorities

Donor–donee relationship

Item Value

Donor–donee donation statistics

Cause areaCountMedianMeanMinimum10th percentile 20th percentile 30th percentile 40th percentile 50th percentile 60th percentile 70th percentile 80th percentile 90th percentile Maximum
Overall 1 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492
Effective altruism 1 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492 22,492

Donation amounts by cause area and year

If you hover over a cell for a given cause area and year, you will get a tooltip with the number of donees and the number of donations.

Note: Cause area classification used here may not match that used by donor for all cases.

Cause area Number of donations Total 2020
Effective altruism (filter this donor) 1 22,492.00 22,492.00
Total 1 22,492.00 22,492.00

Skipping spending graph as there is fewer than one year’s worth of donations.

Full list of donations in reverse chronological order (1 donations)

Graph of all donations, showing the timeframe of donations

Graph of donations and their timeframes
Amount (current USD)Amount rank (out of 1)Donation dateCause areaURLInfluencerNotes
22,492.0012020-11-01Effective altruism Intended use of funds (category): Direct project expenses

Intended use of funds: The donations page says: "Restricted to longtermism and meta/movement-building."