Peter Hurford donations made to Rethink Charity

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Basic donor information

Country United States
Affiliated organizations (current or former; restricted to potential donees or others relevant to donation decisions).impact Animal Charity Evaluators Charity Science Health
Facebook username peterhurford
LinkedIn username peterhurford8
Donations URL
Twitter usernamepeterhurford
LessWrong usernamepeter_hurford
Effective Altruism Forum usernamePeter_Hurford
Effective Altruism Hub usernamepeter-hurford
GitHub usernamepeterhurford
Regularity with which donor updates donations datacontinuous updates
Regularity with which Donations List Website updates donations data (after donor update)continuous updates
Lag with which donor updates donations datadays
Lag with which Donations List Website updates donations data (after donor update)months
Data entry method on Donations List WebsiteManual (no scripts used)

Brief history: Peter Hurford was involved in effective altruism from his college days and started donating a significant share of his income as soon as he started earning. He has used his donations both to donate to established charities in global health and animal welfare, and to provide funds for new, fledgling charities in the domains of global health and effective altruism/movement growth

Brief notes on broad donor philosophy and major focus areas: Focus is a mix of global health and development, animal welfare, and effective altruism/movement growth. For the last of these, Hurford has historically focused on new charities, whereas for the first two, he has generally focused more on somewhat more established charities. Also some small donations to other causes, such as civil liberties and political campaigns, as a "good citizen"

Notes on grant decision logistics: For larger grants, Hurford decides the grant amount based on discussion with the recipient charity, and often posts the amount with a TBD before actually making it. In many cases, he writes blog posts covering his reasons for the grant

Miscellaneous notes: Donations entered on Donations List Website are almost entirely a copy of with a few differences: $220 for "Help an EA go to EA Global" on 2017-08-03 is omitted. Also, the donee for contract work is listed in the source as "Rethink Priorities" or "Charity Entrepreneurship" but is listed as the actual contract worker on Donations List Website. This means that part of the total that Hurford's page attributes to these two charities is attributed to specific contract workers on the Donations List Website. After accounting for these omissions and discrepancies, consistency of totals against the listed totals by year and by donee at was last verified on 2019-01-21

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Basic donee information

Facebook page
Donate page
Donation case page
Key peoplePeter Hurford|Tom Ash
Launch date2014-01-05

Full donee page for donee Rethink Charity

Donor–donee relationship

Item Value

Donor–donee donation statistics

Cause areaCountMedianMeanMinimum10th percentile 20th percentile 30th percentile 40th percentile 50th percentile 60th percentile 70th percentile 80th percentile 90th percentile Maximum
Overall 26 90 1,503 13 13 36 47 90 90 255 516 1,150 5,377 12,000
Effective altruism 26 90 1,503 13 13 36 47 90 90 255 516 1,150 5,377 12,000

Donation amounts by cause area and year

If you hover over a cell for a given cause area and year, you will get a tooltip with the number of donees and the number of donations.

Note: Cause area classification used here may not match that used by donor for all cases.

Cause area Number of donations Total 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Effective altruism (filter this donor) 26 39,076.00 164.00 119.00 11,508.00 20,677.00 6,000.00 608.00
Total 26 39,076.00 164.00 119.00 11,508.00 20,677.00 6,000.00 608.00

Graph of spending by cause area and year (incremental, not cumulative)

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Graph of spending by cause area and year (cumulative)

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Full list of donations in reverse chronological order (26 donations)

Graph of all donations, showing the timeframe of donations

Graph of donations and their timeframes
Amount (current USD)Amount rank (out of 26)Donation dateCause areaURLInfluencerNotes
164.00132019-01-09Effective altruism/movement growth Donation covers tech fees.
31.00222018-06-01Effective altruism/movement growth
74.00182018-04-11Effective altruism/movement growth
14.00232018-02-28Effective altruism/movement growth Web hosting.
13.00242017-11-29Effective altruism/movement growth For a domain name.
1,000.0072017-10-31Effective altruism/movement growth Support to send Tee Barnett to EA London on behalf of Rethink Charity.
1,150.0062017-09-01Effective altruism/movement growth Grant intended for Students for High Impact Charity, part of a $10,000 grant decision announced on 2016-09-27. See for more context. The first $4,000 of the grant amount was sent on 2017-01-13 and the next $5,030 was sent 2017-06-30.
255.00112017-07-31Effective altruism/movement growth Covers $255 out of $306 of annual SurveyMonkey subscription cost. Remaining $51 covered by the Center for Effective Altruism.
5,000.0042017-06-30Effective altruism/movement growth Grant intended for Students for High Impact Charity, part of a $10,000 grant decision announced on 2016-09-27. See for more context. The first $4,000 of the grant amount was sent on 2017-01-13.
90.00142017-03-01Effective altruism/movement growth For fees.
4,000.0052017-01-13Effective altruism/movement growth Grant originally made to Students for High Impact Charity before it merged with .impact to form Rethink Charity. See for the explanation; the remaining amount would be granted later.
13.00242016-11-28Effective altruism/community project coordination Domain name purchase.
90.00142016-08-28Effective altruism/community project coordination
500.0092016-08-24Effective altruism/community project coordination
192.00122016-08-07Effective altruism/community project coordination
12,000.0012016-05-01Effective altruism/community project coordination
7,792.0022016-04-20Effective altruism/community project coordination
90.00142016-03-01Effective altruism/community project coordination
5,377.0032015-12-23Effective altruism/community project coordination
47.00192015-09-03Effective altruism/community project coordination
500.0092015-09-03Effective altruism/community project coordination
40.00202015-08-14Effective altruism/community project coordination
36.00212015-04-20Effective altruism/community project coordination
13.00242014-11-25Effective altruism/community project coordination
516.0082014-09-30Effective altruism/community project coordination
79.00172014-09-07Effective altruism/community project coordination